Gods Own Junkyard | A Neon pilgrimage

It’s the usual story… You take for granted that you happen to live next door to one of London’s most unusual and amazing sites. Yet it’s not till hearing it’s about to close its doors that you suddenly spring into action and think… Wow, I have to go inside and see it before it’s gone!!

What am I talking about? ‘God’s own junkyard’, a gallery of neon signs created and collected by neon artist Chris Bracey, who’s family business Electro Signs across the road has been creating signage for customers all over the world for decades.

The council have sold the land to property developers and they in turn plan to build about 6 million postage sized flats on this postage sized piece of land next to the railway. Fortunately, the business and gallery (hopefully) isn’t closing, it’s just going to have to relocated, and to where, it’s not yet known. I hope so much that it can stay in the E17/Wood Street area. It would be such a shame to lose such a unique, creative family run business.

So, here are a few photographs from my pilgrimage to the gallery on a cold and wet Friday afternoon.  If you haven’t been yet, DO SO! You only have this weekend and next to get down there.

photocrati gallery

Oh, and during my visit I learnt… Neon is officially (IMHO) the best thing since sliced bread. And the smell is like sweet sweet perfume! Walking though those doors I might well have just died and gone to heaven!

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