Preparing for the E17 Art Trail

So, my exhibition at the E17 Art Trail (I’m no.175) is just around the corner.  There are so many decisions to make…like which paper to choose?  Here are some test prints for my monochrome shots.   Three different kinds of paper – Hahnemuhle’s Photo Rag Baryta, Hahnemuhle’s Fine Art Baryta and Ilford’s Gold Fibre Silk.  Not sure if you can see in this image, but there are some subtle differences. The Fine Art Baryta (at the top) is cooler has a slight blueish tone.  The Photo Rag Baryta (middle) feels somehow ‘creamier’, it has a very slight sepia tone making it warmer and Ilford’s Gold Fibre Silk (bottom) seems the most neutral giving that traditional straight out of the tray silver halide feel.

I’d happily print on all three.  They are all great quality photo papers, with a lovely fine stipple print finish and the archival qualities I want to display and sell my work.  Which am I going to choose?  Well, you’ll have to come to the show to find out!

Test Prints for E17 Art Trail

Test Prints for my Japan Exhibition at the E17 Art Trail 2012


More information about the E17 Art Trail visit:

And here’s my listing:

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