About the Images

I use both film and digital cameras to make my images. Much of what you see in the print sales section is shot using film – mostly a Leica MP 35mm rangefinder camera and a Bronica SQAi medium format. Over the last few years I have developed a real love for older vintage cameras from the 30s, 40s and 50s. I’m often found out and about taking shots with a Rolleiflex Automat from 1938. 

The Prints

All of my photographs are signed by me and produced using high quality archival printing and finishing processes.

Photographs are printed using professional fine art photo paper and inks. I offer a couple of options:

Print Only: Image is printed onto 300gsm fine art photo paper – either Platinum Gloss Art Fibre or Platinum Baryta, depending on the image. It is printed with an approx. 2cm margin on all sides.

Artwork is signed and numbered by the artist on the front of the print.

Print & mount: Image is printed onto Kodak Professional Endura paper and then mounted on to Bainbridge conservation mounts using 100% acid-free backing boards and adhesive tapes. The image is signed on the back and the mountboard on the bottom right.

Caring for your print

If cared for correctly your print will last for many decades. Here are some top tips.

  1. Avoid touching the print and mount face with bare hands. Use cotton gloves if you have too.
  2. Frame print as soon as possible, this helps protect it from pollution like smoke, dust etc.
  3. Metal frames are best as they tend not to contain glues and chemicals unlike many wooden frames.
  4. Do not hang print in direct sunlight or high levels of artificial light. If you do it will fade.
  5. Avoid excessive heat and humidity – don’t hang over radiators, fireplaces or very steamy bathrooms or kitchens.
  6. If remounting use good quality acid free materials. Avoid masking or sellotapes – they will stain print.

For that professional gallery-look, my readymade frame of choice is a Nielsen contemporary aluminium frame in black. I do carry some in stock so if you would like a framed version just get in touch for a price.  If you have any further questions please contact me.