Paula Smith | Photography

London based freelance photographer

What I Do


Travel and landscape images widely used, from books and magazines, through to public or commercial display as fine art prints.


Portraits for business, editorial or personal use, whether it’s a flattering headshot or location shoot showing who you are and what you do.


Interiors and architectural photography featuring a natural, modern vibe with attention to detail.


Interiors and architectural photography showing spaces off to their best…


Portrait photography for business, editorial or personal use…


Travel and landscape images from around the world…


City and street photography with an observational style that evoke feelings about the places we live…


  • Can you still get film for that?
    Hah! Perhaps one of the questions I’m asked most when I’m out and about with my film cameras. It usually happens when I’m using one of my older, more unusual looking cameras, like the Rolleiflex Automat TLR, or Ensign 6×9 Selfix folder. ‘Yes, absolutely you can’, is always my reply. Though we may not have […]
  • Embracing the freaky with Lomochrome Purple and my Canon EOS 300
    I’ve never been one for using the more ‘alternative’ film stocks. Freaky oranges and turquoise across my frames… No thanks! That just seems too ‘fake filter’ to me. To go in the same box of hell that is the red double decker bus against the black and white cityscape! Then, one day a kind film […]
  • Alternative printing techniques
    I was honoured to be contacted recently by Andrew Keedle @apkeedle, a twitter film photography pal, asking if he could reproduce one of my images to make a cyanotype and kallitype print. YES was my very quick reply! I’d never before had someone else print my film work, let alone use an alternative process such […]