Can you still get film for that?

Can you still get film for that?

Hah! Perhaps one of the questions I’m asked most when I’m out and about with my film cameras. It usually happens when I’m using one of my older, more unusual looking cameras, like the Rolleiflex Automat TLR, or Ensign 6×9 Selfix folder.

This should keep me going for a while…

‘Yes, absolutely you can’, is always my reply. Though we may not have quite as much choice these days, film is still very much alive and living in the UK there are still a good number of shops and online suppliers around. A quick google search will usually reveal what’s closest to you.

Retailers I regularly use include:

Analogue Wonderland

Ilford Photo


Firstcall Photographic

There are many more. If you are in London you can also visit:

Parallax Photographic Coop

The Photographers Gallery

Process Supplies

And many camera shops stock film Aperture, Wex, Park Cameras, Cameraworld, London Camera Exchange… Hey, you can even pick up the odd roll from Boots the Chemists.

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