Story behind the shot – Charing Cross Ladies

Story behind the shot – Charing Cross Ladies

Charing Cross Ladies

This shot was recently selected for the Fitzrovia Photography Prize 2011.  It’s from an ongoing series of black & white images featuring life in London’s Soho.  For me it’s one of those shots that raises a smile and draws you in deeper as you wonder ‘what’s their story?’

The shot came out of nowhere really.  I was on one of my strolls with the camera when these two ladies crossed my path on Charing Cross Road.  They had the most amazing matching hair styles – bright peroxide blond!  They were about to cross the road when I went to take a shot.  At that moment the lady on the left turned and looked me dead in the eye.  I pressed the shutter, she looked away, they crossed the road and that was it.

If I was braver, I’d have liked to ask her the story of her life…but then half the fun is imagining what those stories are yourself.

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